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website’s up!!!!!!!!!! still working on it but whatev! woo

queens character sketches - rebekka hannesdóttir
my art / etc
C♡SM♡S_G♡RL - rebekka hannesdóttir
my art / etc
my art / etc
wooden frames
my art / etc
… oh did i forget to mention i’ve been watching digimon all week? hehe ♡my art / etc
sorry for not posting all summer! been super busy but i have a month off school now so expect more drawings soon!! woooo (. ❛ ᴗ ❛.)my art / etc
sketch of one of my queens. it’s actually from last month. yeah, i’m being lazy, ok!my art / etc

star and polka dot spangled by rebekka hannesdóttir

happy 4th! ʘ‿ʘ have fun, stay safe, etc!!

merbabes ☼ for verhexen by rebekka
all the latest swag by rebekka
iiiii don’t wanna study for my midterms, i just wanna draw pics of myself all day ♪

park sora - 2k0h

can’t believe i’m doing fanart of a model but WATEVS, she’s a goddess.
m(_ _)m

not too blue - rebekka hannesdóttir

メガネ - rebekka hannesdóttir